Hands on gardening workshops with children.

Exploring nature asking questions.

And getting some answers...

be creative

Creativity is slowly disappearing from our lives. For some children engaging with an outdoor environment in a creative way will allow them to express themselves in alternative ways - children with communication difficulties benefit a lot from outdoor art and gardening activities.

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why think outside?

think independently

Asking questions and getting answers. Sometimes. Children are naturally inquisitive creatures - my workshops will enable them to explore nature and ask as many 'whys' as they can make up...

Making decisions about little things - the choice of plants for the right spot and being inquisitive about wildlife the size of a pin head will lead to a better understanding of the world around us. The former can develop independent thinking and the latter will teach respect for the world that we cannot see everyday.

work together

Working as a team in a garden teaches children how to take turns and co-ordinate watering as well as divide work when pricing and selling school grown produce. This will equip them in enterprising skills that can be used throughout their adult lives.

and nurture

Picking your own garden peas or digging up potatoes are examples of very simple ways to involve children in growing their own food - harvesting 125 potatoes from 3 mother potato plants will leave an everlasting mark on children’s minds. It will inspire them to question what they eat and where their food comes from.

'...all year round outdoor workshops for inquisitive minds...' 

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