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Our Story...

……started with a flat roof.  A flat roof in our children’s school.  Always interested in creating better green communal spaces, we thought it was the perfect place to start a new garden.  With a small enclosed art workshop beside the garden on the roof, it was perfect for children – safe, fun and with wonderful views for miles.   And so think outside was born.

In the 8 years since, we have run different projects across Wandsworth and as far afield as Paddington and London Zoo! We have worked in many primary and secondary schools in Wandsworth and Lambeth, a care home, Springfield Hospital, community centres, churches, colleges, street fairs and even a sports ground!    


We tailor classes to suit those we work with.  We are flexible.  We can run one-off workshops if asked and typically commit with schools and colleges to lead longer courses.  We are experienced fund-raisers for different community projects and have been successful in securing grants from a wide range of providers.


Many of our projects involve a significant element of voluntary work – not just us but also parents, friends and relatives who are always amazed not only by how much they have enjoyed themselves but by what they have achieved in our activities.


We hope you enjoy reading our website and would love to hear from you.  

Meet the Team

Schools we work with

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