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School and Community Workshops

All our workshops are tailored to your time allocation, specific requirements and, where relevant, the age of participants.

The number of workshops you book is flexible. For schools, it is advisable to run them for a term or even the entire school year.  This can improve continuity of learning about growing, nurturing and nutrition as well as how to plan for seasonal changes and annual growing calendars.

Age groups

Our school workshops are aimed at Early Years and primary school children.  The hands-on nature of these workshops requires smaller group sizes of up to about 10-15 children at any time.  


All think outside staff are fully DBS checked.

The workshops need 1 assistant from schools for EY and KS1 for practical reasons. Most KS2 children will be able to carry out all the tasks themselves so school assistance for KS2 is optional.

Community workshops...

...can be for any reasonable number of participants (with advance warning!) of all age groups (but accompanied children only)

Prep and tidy up

Please note that, normally, one hour is needed for each workshop for prep and tidy up. There may be additional prep time for more complex projects. We will inform you about this prior to your booking.


We can bring some basic tools with us to use at a workshop. We will discuss availability of tools and resources on our planning visit.


Charges are £45 per hour for each workshop (plus prep and tidy up time). Payment can be made by bank transfer. We will e-mail you an invoice with bank details.


There is an additional charge for materials (agreed with schools in advance). We can supply more unique or difficult to get materials and invoice you accordingly.  

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