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Outdoor and Nature


For children


  • Outdoor learning classes which can be curriculum-based

  • General or specific (growing, planting, propagation)

  • Development – either from scratch or of under-used or derelict spaces


For adults


  • Volunteering opportunities to build new gardens in schools and community centres


For everyone


  • Looking after green communal spaces

  • Weekend gardening!

Healthy Eating


For children


  • Cooking flatbread, popcorn and baked beans around the campfire


For adults


  • Learn basic cooking techniques

  • Master kitchen health and safety essentials

  • Find out about nutrition, what to eat and when


For everyone


  • Soup workshops using our famous soup makers!


… a fun environment where we eat together

Sustainable Living


For children


  • Giant cardboard engineering workshops


For adults


  • Slow fashion

  • Mending

  • Home economics

  • Basics of the circular economy


For everyone


  • Recycling everywhere – not just in the kitchen!

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