Together on Climate Change Festival
- Smallwood Primary School


As part of Wandsworth's Together on Climate Change Festival held to mark COP26, we ran voluntary "Soil Quality" sessions at Smallwood Primary School.   We explained to children the environmental threats to soil - global warming, erosion, monoculture, over-farming, loss of biodiversity and deforestation - and ran demonstrations to teach them about different types of soils and how to handle them.  The day ended with enthusiastic and engaged discussion of all of the topics.

Christmas wreath workshop at Fircroft


At a festive evening run with the Fircroft PTA, we led a workshop teaching Fircroft parents and the wider community how to make Christmas wreathes.  Participants learnt to mount a seasonal mix of foliage (thuja, pine, holy, ivy and mistletoe) and decorations (spray-painted pine cones, ribbons, baubles and dried fruit) on wire frames to create some beautiful wreathes.  Perfect Christmas presents at a fraction of shop costs and a lot of fun to do!! 

Rutherford House - soup workshop


An outdoor session on a freezing late November Saturday - what could be better than teaching children and their parents how to make hot soup?!   Four "teams" tried their hands at creating leek and potato, mushroom, lentil and ribolita soups.  Using fresh ingredients prepared on the day and cooked in special soup makers, all the soups were a terrific success.  Delicious.....

Fircroft weekly gardening classes

The continuation of a project started in 2020/2021 funded by Wandsworth.   Delayed by Covid restrictions, we resumed weekly gardening sessions both for whole classes and individual children. Activities included planting, building challenges, puzzles and soup-making.  Particular focus was given to children who had suffered most from lockdown and the inability to access either school or public open spaces.  Greatly enjoyed by all with an impressive level of engagement - especially in leaf-sweeping!!

Floreat Wandsworth - after-school Eco GardenClubs


Following a long interruption due to lockdown restrictions, think outside has now resumed its after-school Eco Gardening Clubs for years 4 and 5 at Floreat. Outdoors, we are covering all aspects of gardening appropriate for the time of year including watering, mulching and planting. We have even put up tents to protect us from the weather!  Indoors, the children have decorated pots and planted hyacinths to take home.  The children's interest in activities is inspiring.

think outside is also Floreat's gardener, responsible for year-round maintenance.