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School year 2016/2017

Outdoor learning development

​The aim for the 16/17 academic year was to provide the school community with more structured ‘hands-on’ and practical opportunities to learn about horticulture, growing their own food, creating and studying new wildlife habitats, as well as an indoor but very 'free' space to be artistically creative. 

We received extremely positive feedback from teachers and children about the many benefits of this type of activity, including learning about nature as well as the very hands-on experience of handling compost, seeds and seedings. The children learned about weeding and harvesting crops of carrots, radishes and lettuces. We also grew strawberries, potatoes, broad beans, peas, onions and raspberries! All our crops are organic.

Wisley project 

Famous Five-inspired KS2 children!

One Way or Another

The Famous Five are a curious team with unknown adventures awaiting them.


In the stories, they come across light, joy and victory. However, that’s not all. When they explore further, they discover spooky mysteries, hidden passageways and creepy caves.


The Famous Five discover that behind the good and light scary mysteries lurk in the shadows. As gardeners, we see that behind beautiful plants creepy crawlies scuttle around.


Which side do you choose? Try and find the mysterious behind the obvious in our plot…

A Famous Five inspired garden project with ten KS2 students. We worked on the theme, design and planting choices throughout the first half of Summer term. The team then went on an adventure to Wisley Garden to assemble and plant our plot together with 36 other schools. We were given a Silver Award for our 'One Way Or Another' themed garden.

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