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Pumpkins - imperfect flowers for a perfect biology lesson!

We have planted 4 pumpkin seeds to get some pumpkins for Halloween - 120 days prior to 31 October 2017 (our 8yr old gardener made all the calculations). We managed to get 25% germination rate from 4 planted seeds! Our pumpkin plant had 5 leaves when school finished. We left it to its own devices and went on holiday...

This is what we discovered in our garden returning to London 1 month later...

It is now about 3m long, has multiple male and female flowers - all but one hiding under the leaves.

The one below is a female one - if it survives our pollination attempt (and an army of slugs and snails in the garden) we will have our own grown pumpkin for the autumnal festivities...

Easy to grow pumpkin plant should be a part of every school garden - the scarily fast pace of growing can be seen long before halloween festivities...

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